Trainz Plus Update and TRS22 SP1 Released

By Tony_Hilliam, October 20 2022

Trainz Plus and TRS22 "SP1" Update

The latest feature update for Trainz Plus users is now available. This release also delivers a "Service Pack 1" update for TRS22 users to maintain compatibility for routes and content between TRS22 and Trainz Plus builds.

The latest update includes the following highlights:

  • Custom Content Package support* 
  • TZARC compression - 50% reduction in file size
  • Update to Trainzbuild 5.2
  • Improved audio - XAudio2 sound system API update for PC
  • End of official support for Windows 7
  • A range of other tweaks and bug fixes

* Note: Requires Surveyor 2.0 / Trainz Plus.

Content Package Palette

The new Content Package palette now available in Surveyor 2.0 provides the ability to enable and disable various content packages for use in a route. 

This system is required to enable additional content for MPS routes. It will also greatly benefit all route builders by identifying which packages are being used in your own routes, and those which you plan on sharing or uploading to the DLS.

This means that Trainz Plus members can now enable any existing DLC packages for use in their MPS routes, and other users will then be prompted to install the required packages prior to entering the route.

Custom Content Packages

It is also possible to create your own custom packages through the Trainz Content Creation Program.

As this is a new system, we’re looking for a couple of teams interested in working closely with our content team to iron out any kinks in the process. Just submit your package through TCCP and let us know in the comments you're interested in MPS.

Full details about Content Packages can be found in this wiki link

TZARC Compression

All users (TRS22 and Trainz Plus) will benefit from this feature which reduces the size of .tzarc files by roughly 50%. 

There are three main benefits to TZARC compression:

  • Faster downloads (twice the speed since DLC packages are half the size)
  • Lower on-disk footprint (including for the built-in content)
  • Potentially faster loading, especially on slower drives (depends on your hardware)

Note that your existing installed content is not automatically reduced in size. It requires either a resave for modified content or a new package downloaded for DLC items.

Improved Audio

This is a back-end update that brings support for the latest Microsoft sound API to PC users. This resolves a rare but long-standing bug in the OpenAL API (where Trainz would crash when you reached 63mph) and delivers improved sound across the board.

Please note that there are no other changes to the internal sound system. That project is a major undertaking and will be addressed when we find more time in our schedule.

End of Windows 7 Support

XAudio2 ships with Windows 10 and as a redistributable for older Windows versions. As Microsoft updates their API, it is likely that Win 7 initially, and then Win 8 will no longer be supported.

We are announcing the end of official support for Trainz for any Win 7 users (which ended official support with Microsoft in January 2020). You will need to either remain on your current build, or update your operating system to use any future Trainz updates. 

If you need to go back to a supported build, we have archived the Win 7 supported builds here.

Also as a side note, Microsoft also ends Win 8 official support in January 2023.

Bug Fixes

As we work to continually add features and improve Trainz, we also work on fixing as many bugs as possible.

The key to resolving any outstanding issues is finding a reliable way to reproduce the issue. 

If you have an issue that has not been addressed, then please submit a detailed report through our online bug reporting form


To help people differentiate between the "Retail" and "Trainz Plus? builds, TRS22 Retail and Trainz Plus builds are now completely different installs. If you are a Trainz Plus or Gold Class memebr and do not have the latest Trainz Plus build (listed below) then you should download and install the latest build from MyTrainz.

NOTE: In order to update the built-in content to the new 5.2 format, this update comes in at around 9.7GB


Patches are available for the following builds:

  • TRS22 Retail 117655 -> TRS22 Retail 119451 (PC)
  • TRS22 Beta 119119 -> TRS22 Retail 119451 (PC)
  • Trainz Plus 117669 -> Trainz Plus 119450 (PC) 
  • Trainz Plus Beta 119380 -> Trainz Plus 119450 (PC)
  • TRS22 Retail 117654 -> TRS22 Retail 119463 (Mac)
  • Trainz Plus 117688 -> Trainz Plus 119458 (Mac)
  • Trainz Plus Beta 119117 -> Trainz Plus 119458 (Mac)


Patches are automatic through the Mac App Store

  • TRS22 Retail 119444 (Mac)


Patches are automatic through the Steam Store

  • Trainz Plus 119442 (PC)
  • TRS22 Retail 119449 (PC)
  • Trainz Plus 119455 (Mac)
  • TRS22 Retail 119447 (Mac)