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Expanded “Open Beta” TANE SP3

By Tony_Hilliam, April 06 2018

Update May 4th:
In preparation for our next, and hopefully final, Beta Test we're offering all Trainz owners with build 90945 installed to update to the latest beta build 93467.

You may have noticed in the heading the Service Pack 3 name. For those wondering why we're skipping SP2 HF2, due to some internal validation requirements, we've decided to officially call this next update SP3. This step ensures validation on the DLS will make sense to our codeand

This build has been out with our core testers for a few weeks and very few isues have been reported. We're just finsihing off the last of those reports including some multiplayer sync issues.

Meanwhile we'd like to see what other issues may be lurking out there. By expanding our testing we may discover something new with your particular combination of hardware, content and usage patterns.

As always with Beta software (and in fact any software) we highly recommend that you back up anything you may require in the future.

LINK: Recommended Beta Install Steps

PC: The patch will take you from 90945 to 93014 then patch again up to 93467.
Mac: The patch will take you from 90946 to 93109 then patch again up to 93471.

Please check our previous news posts for a list of updates in this build.

LINK: Bug Reporting

Beta Access:

If you own Trainz A New Era and you are patched up to 90945 and cannot access the Beta Release stream, then please complete this report form and we'll take a look at your account details.