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By Tony_Hilliam, July 05 2019

Trainz has always been supported by a very strong content creation community, and as with every release of Trainz, it takes a little while for the content to catch up with the new tools and technology.

We're now seeing lots of amazing new content arrive on the Trainz Download Station and this week we're highlighting just a small group from that selection.

(And if you don't have a First Class Ticket to speed up your downloads and remove the daily download limit, then now is a good time to grab our Free Trial from the MyMemberships section of MyTrainz).

Also note that all content here has no missing dependencies so you're up and running in no time!

The Loops - TRS19

KUID: <kuid:439337:104190>

Created by: MSGSapper

Description: Appalachian mountain railroading especially for Norfolk Southern RR fans.

Here's a comparison shot of the TANE version (in TRS19) versus the updated version.

Before After


Canadian Rockies - New Sessions

<kuid:39389:100016> Rocky Mountaineer - Columbia River Eastward
<kuid:39389:100013> Rocky Mountaineer - Rogers Pass

Created by: dicko

Description: Two great "enjoy the ride" sessions along these CRM routes (requires TANE).

Central Europe TRS19 v0.8

KUID: <kuid:517519:100463>

Created by:
- laurinlaki (Germany)
- richardbosnak (Slovakia)
- yuz6099 (Austria/Czechia)

Description:Please note that this route is still in development and in the process of fixing with TRS19 standards. (So some of the areas may be incomplete).

Market District

KUID: <kuid:458053:104057>

Created by:vincentrh

Description: A very small but very detailed route by Franck (alias pinorev). It stages an imaginary 'market district'. One session is provided : Market district session

San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railway


Created by: jrfolco

Description: The San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railway is a Trainz version of the original San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railway that ran from San Diego CA to El Centro CA. Total main line trackage: 146 miles.

Jointed Rail

Jointed Rail have been creating top quality content for Trainz for many years. As part of that support, all the JR freeware currently hosted on their site is also being made available on the DLS. When complete this will make many hundreds of popular items much easier for users to download and install.

We've currently updated and uploaded 500 scenery items and rolling stock to build version 3.6 which means they are now error free and compatible with TS12, TANE and TRS19. We've also updated and uploaded 50 locos to the DLS with more to come.

To find this content, filter on "On Download Station, minimum build = 3.6, and sort by upload date (most recent at the top)

We've also prepared a list of JR Locos recently uploaded here:
<kuid2:348207:100544:1> NS GP38-2 Patched 5360
<kuid2:348207:100386:1> NS GP38-2 Patched 5336
<kuid2:348207:100542:1> NS GP38-2 LH
<kuid2:45324:100106:2> CSX SD40-2 YN3
<kuid:175455:100396> Cross Creek RR GP40-2
<kuid2:348207:100319:1> CR GP38-2 OLS
<kuid2:348207:100328:1> CR GP38-2 CRQ
<kuid2:348207:100329:1> CR GP38-2 Can Opener
<kuid2:396831:100967:1> Baldwin S12 Industrial #22
<kuid2:156765:100419:1> UP RS27
<kuid2:276364:100034:1> CR RS27
<kuid2:156765:100434:1> MLW RS27
<kuid2:156765:100900:1> GBW RS27
<kuid2:156765:100896:1> CNW RS27
<kuid2:37581:120:1> MQJR S12 20
<kuid2:156765:100418:1> PRR RS27 Trainphones
<kuid2:37581:1004:1> DRGW GP40-2
<kuid2:276364:100020:1> PRR RS27
<kuid2:276364:100033:1> PC RS27
<kuid2:276364:100022:1> ALCo RS27 Demonstrator
<kuid2:37581:1005:1> DRGW GP40-2 Patched
<kuid2:45324:100013:3> Utah Belt GP38-2
<kuid2:156765:100943:1> FEC SD70M-2
<kuid2:37581:7514:2> FEC SD40-2
<kuid2:156765:101050:1> CRR SD45-2
<kuid2:37581:1098:2> SP GP40-2
<kuid2:37581:203:1> Aberdeen GP38-2
<kuid2:37581:1099:1> Croswell Eastern GP38-2
<kuid2:45324:110012:2> Amtrak P32-8BWH Ph III
<kuid2:45324:110014:2> Amtrak P32-8BWH Ph IV
<kuid2:45324:110017:2> Amtrak P32-8BWH Ph V
<kuid2:45324:110015:2> ATSF B40-8W
<kuid2:334896:100126:1> ATSF B40-8W BNSF Patch Weathered
<kuid2:45324:100098:2> ATSF C30-7 Kodachrome
<kuid2:45324:100025:2> BN C30-7
<kuid2:334896:100130:1> BNSF B40-8W Warbonnet
<kuid2:45324:100001:3> BNSF GP38-2
<kuid2:334896:100129:1> BNSF B40-8W Weathered
<kuid2:45324:100155:2> BN GP38-2 dirty
<kuid2:45324:100176:2> BNSF SD40-2 H3
<kuid2:45324:100095:2> BNSF SD60M heritage
<kuid2:45324:110016:2> BNSF B40-8W
<kuid2:175455:2558:1> CORP GP38-3 No Logo
<kuid2:45324:120001:2> CORP GP40-2
<kuid2:45324:120002:2> CORP GP38-3
<kuid2:45324:100087:2> CR C30-7A
<kuid2:45324:100088:2> CR GP38-2
<kuid2:37581:1003:1> CR GP40
<kuid2:45324:100093:3> Chessie System GP40-2

Trainz 12 Content

We've also been busy preparing and uploading almost 1,000 TS12 items to the DLS which will further improve a lot of "missing dependency" problems. 

We will continue to work on providing more content to ensure a more seamless download and install process.

In an ideal world, creators currently hosting their own content would also recognize the great benefits to the community by uploading their own content to the DLS. 

The Download Station is a resource that sets Trainz apart from other sims and makingthe DLS stronger makes Trainz stronger and everyone wins.