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Service Pack 2 Final Beta Phase Commences

By Tony_Hilliam, April 13 2017

After more than 6 months of ongoing development, we're getting close to the official Service Pack 2 release for Trainz A New Era. This means it's time to expand our testing to a much broader audience.

We're offering all our "SimulatorCentral/Trainzportal" T:ANE build 84204 customers the opportunity to patch to the latest SP2 Beta release.

What's New in SP2?

There are some fundamental changes in SP2 with significant parts of the program rewritten to provide fixes and optimisations to core systems. This process ensures far greater compatibility with future versions of Trainz and, for example, enables TMR17 content to operate in TANE.

One of the biggest changes is to the route and session file format which will enable (in a future version) significantly faster loading times. We have also replaced Auto-Save with an ongoing write-to-disk operation. Routes are left open for edit while being edited, and any changes are rapidly written to disk.

We've also fixed a couple of hundred bugs ranging from crash fixes to major fixes for bridge spines, to ruler labels now being culled according to draw distance.

You can check out more details of all the updates in these news updates:

Should I Upgrade Now or Wait?

While we have come a long way since the first external beta testing back in November 2016, we know that there are still a number of issues that are not yet resolved. If you aren't interested in finding and reporting any bugs that you find (and you WILL find some bugs), then we suggest you wait until the official release (which we expect to happen in the coming weeks, as opposed to months away). 

Upgrade Process

If you have 84204 installed (the build number shows on your launcher) we've already provided you Beta Access. If you have this build and do not have access to the 'Beta Stream', please click on the bug report link at our Beta Test Center

To update your build to SP2, please follow these steps carefully:

  1. Create a backup copy of your T:ANE install folder and your local data folder (Click Trainz Settings > Install to find the path to your local data folder).
  2. Recongize that you are installing a BETA Version which means you WILL find bugs in the software and you MAY lose any work you create in this build
  3. Ensure your MyTrainz Username is entered in the Launcher > Trainz Settings > Internet tab
  4. Click Trainz Settings > Install > 'Change T:ANE Update Stream...'
  5. Check the target is pointing to the correct TANE install folder, and change targets if required
  6. Click 'Next'
  7. Ensure your MyTrainz Username is entered correctly
  8. Click 'Change Stream'
  9. Select 'Beta Release'
  10. Click 'OK'
  11. Click 'Done'
  12. You should now be prompted to patch from 84204. If not, click 'Check for T:ANE Updates...'
  13. Once at 87402, you will then be prompted for a very small update to 87422

The update from 84204 is 2GB in size and therefore may take some time to download depending on your bandwidth and how busy our servers become. 

If you get a connection error, click Retry and the process will pick up where it left off. 

Once updated, the 'Engine Start-up' process will take another 5-10 minutes then you are ready to begin testing and submitting bugs that you find.

Please note if you have any of the following builds you can already update to 84204 by visiting this page.

  • 79199
  • 79947
  • 80201
  • 80276
  • 80330
  • 80349
  • 81190
  • 81296
  • 82718

For existing customers with build 79000 or lower, we recommend you upgrade to TANE SP1 by installing the full version available for download from your MyTrainz.com account. 


For this beta release we still have "Assertions" enabled. So, what is an assertion?

Here is an example of a mesage that you may see when using this beta version. First of all, DON'T PANIC! 

These messages are indicators to provide information to our programmers about code that is running at that time and may or may not result in something being broken.

If you see an assertion message, simply take a screenshot using windows PrintScreen of an external image capture tool, click Continue and submit a bug report

Changelist from 87133 to 87402

The following list includes items that were required as a result of significant "under-the-hood" changes and may not make much sense, but will give readers a good indication of the amount of work that has been going on behind the scenes. Many of these items have ben addressed as a direct result of users providing us their assertion reports which have been enabled in the latest beta

  • Fixed - DriverModule : File drivermodule.gs, Line -1, ER_NativeCallError
  • Fixed - MILW - Eastbound freight Nav point set nav2 not found
  • [Windows] Text from the CM results log window can now be copied
  • Fixed - Adding consists to portals causes script error
  • Fixed - AI doesn't stop at this industry
  • Attachment points no longer fail validation checks
  • Create session now prompts to saves just the session
  • Fixed - Asset_ Index_Scope_Lock error when starting/patching latest build
  • Fixed - ASSET_INDEX_SCOPE_LOCK> called from main thread! checking patch
  • Fixed - GSObject::SetClass> null params
  • Fixed - NamedObjectTable::LoadFileDataInBackground> Duplicate object ID 3-7
  • Fixed - Savegame Warning: Failed to find one or more nodes during load.
  • Fixed - TrackStretch::CalculateLength> bounds didn't include vertex0
  • Fixed - WorldList::BackingStoreTile::TouchWrite> called while writing
  • Fixed - WorldListItem> item not removed from WorldList. virtual functions such as GetSaveFlags() will not work as expected
  • Fixed - Ground geometry keeps dropping out while moving along the track
  • Junction attachment fix for early script access (fixed blades not appearing)
  • Fixed - Laying tunnel causes ground flicker
  • Fixed - Loading session results in no blades on this fixed track at all
  • LOD update fix for attached mesh (fixed blades not appearing)
  • Fixed - Old style train blob "shadows" not rendering correctly
  • Fixed - PerformanceStatistics> Leak
  • Fixed - Portals 'lose' consists configured in the 'produce new trains' option
  • Fixed - Products list shows ??A for all product
  • Save Games now load correctly (except save games previously created during the beta)
  • Fixed - Savegame Warning: Failed to find one or more nodes during load.
  • Fixed - Script error on loading Tutorial 4 - "RoutesMenuTWoR : null object at parameter 1
  • Text from the CM results log window can now be copied
  • Tooltip for ‘navigate to’ command updated in the Driver Setup rule properties
  • Tracks reconnected in SP2 version of Andrushivka DLC
  • Trackmarks re-added in Avery MILW Eastbound Winter session
  • Fixed - Tracks attached to tunnels move independently of tunnel
  • Fixed - Trackside objects remain on route after track spline is deleted
  • Fixed - TrackStretch::CalculateLength> bounds didn't include vertex0
  • Transparent textures are now working
  • Tunnel and track now aligned
  • Unportal names no longer revert to ERROR after running a session
  • Updates to resolve deadlock between stitching and ground, via minimap calculation
  • Fixed - Train : File train.gs, Line 2610, ER_NullReference";function $void@Train::TrackPermitReleaser(Message), line 2608
  • Fix the fact that traincars spawned from script were being automatically named & numbered twice
  • Fix a driver load crash
  • CarzGenerator optimisation
  • Fixed - forestry : File scenerywithtrack.gs, Line 60, ER_NullReference"
  • Fixed - LevelCrossingNoGates : File crossing.gs, Line -1, ER_NativeCallError;
  • Fixed - File ilcore.gs, Line 346, ER_Timeout
  • Fixed - World : World.NativePlaySound> Target object is not a mesh object (file world.gs)
  • Fixed - corona assertion 
  • Fixed - Hide all tower paths" caused "~GSObject> Called prematurely
  • Fixed - FBX Import results in VE77: Unable to load indexed mesh'
  • Fix ScenarioBehaviour.GetChildBehaviors() returning null objects to script
  • Empty worldstate cleanup crash fix
  • Driver exit crash fix
  • Interlocking tower exit crash fix
  • Container::ValidateDirectory() optimisation
  • Drag fix on merge dialog
  • Fix for attachment effects without scripts
  • Update/replace legacy broadcast messages
  • Fixed - Object name of locomotives in Surveyor/Driver only getting 'even' number suffix
  • Fixed - vehicle names in Consist Check and 'Wait on train start/stop' are missing 'number' suffixes
  • Fix GetAssetList calls in various core PropertyObject script
  • Fix a case where the NamedObjectTable queries could become stuck
  • Kanawha locomotive coronas now working correctly
  • Smooth spline height now functions when track above approx 76m
  • Fixed - TriggerBase::IsNodeInsideTrigger fix for inner trigger being inactive
  • AI drivers no longer 'miss' trackmarks when using drive to trackmark, etc, commands
  • Fix - TriggerBase tracking objects by their Router ID (triggers obsoletion warnings in core scripts)
  • Fixes for Nav Point save and load