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TANE SP3 Officially Released

By Tony_Hilliam, July 11 2018

Service Pack 3 Released

All Trainz A New Era owners can now update to the latest version. This update includes improvements to AI and Multiplayer and overall delivers more stability, better performance, and a range of bug fixes.

It also includes support for Raildriver controllers. Details of how to calibrate your controller can be found here.


To update to the latest version, simply start Trainz, ensure that online mode is enabled (if available), and the patch available prompt should appear automatically. The patch to SP3 is a small download (under 100MB) and takes a few minutes.

If the prompt does not appear, from the launcher, click Trainz Settings > Install > Change Stream and ensure that Public Stream is enabled.

On PC, if you still are not able to patch, we recommend that you run the Patch Installer.exe from your install folder.

On Mac, to find your installer, right click and "Show package contents" then Contents > Resources to find your Patch Installer.app.

There is also an option for Offline patches, and if you have any issues, you can redownload the digital edition from your MyTrainz account.

For further patching assistance, click here to visit our SP3 Patching Page.


  • Simulator Central Digital Edition (PC): Latest Beta Build 94217 > 94916
  • Simulator Central Digital Edition (PC): Build 90945 > 94916
  • Simulator Central Digital Edition (Mac): Latest Beta Build 94218 > 95078
  • Simulator Central Digital Edition (Mac): Build 90946 > 95078
  • Boxed Standard Edition (PC): Build 90948 > 94808
  • Boxed Standard Edition (PC): Build 90955 > 94829
  • Steam (PC): 90959 > 94812
  • Steam (Mac): 90969 > 95086
  • Mac App Store: 90957 > 95083

Changelist SP2 HF1 to SP3:

  • Couple slack "gap" appears to be way too wide
  • Trigger Check Rule doesn't respond when using the direction clause 
  • Test Track main menu bar not showing
  • Bookmark 0 hotkey not working
  • Fix bookmark modifier keys
  • Remove some non-existant and unused keyboard shortcuts
  • SpecsManager::Clear> leaked Specs: (...) - <kuid:401543:3201> "Interlocking Tower Edit Helper" 
  • Double click to preview DLS asset shows "downloading preview..." forever
  • Filtering on DownloadStation on new local folder creates long stall
  • Stop Train command not available when resuming saved game
  • Cab view cursor gets "stuck" on camera change
  • Merging 5m grid to 10m causes seam issues
  • Assertion - SpecReference::operator-> > accessing NULL spec (w\ CTD)
  • Enable Controller support (Raildriver is very close - not quite ready yet)
  • Variable Show rule cannot show a variable.
  • "System is in the wrong state to start a MP game" (logging)
  • Exiting map when zoomed out takes a long time
  • andi06 Gresley and AEC railcar assets appear with black windows
  • Speedtree self-shadowing issue
  • "multiplayer rule" has greyed out options that are active
  • MP - "Hide Game Chat Window" does not work
  • Arrow keys not working in mini-map while "message popup" window open
  • Track reverts to default track condition when a new spline point is inserted
  • Trackmarks and triggers can be moved onto object splines
  • Surveyor - Cannot add selected items to empty picklist
  • Fill Grid fills using wrong orientation
  • Driver AI change to address certain edge case trackmark navigation issues
  • Track height not taking World origin height into account
  • Merge route minimap - baseboards disappear based upon zoom range and position
  • Random height variations between 90945 SP2 and 93104 SP3
  • Textures missing along baseboard seams on imported routes
  • Baseboard texturing undoes along seam when adjusting height
  • Content Manager hangs when Manage Content as Thumbnails
  • Assertion - CreateItem: Effect not created. This implies an invalid effect name
  • MP - Game Settings button does nothing
  • MP - Host shown as "left room" in chat window when client joins
  • MP - Client product queue "loads" not seen by client or host unless host close by
  • CTD when closing script debugger
  • CTD when changing time in Schedule Rule
  • CTD - loading 2nd saved game after closing the first (with select payware)
  • Getting a false Error VE182 from CM;
  • [Mac] Sky colors and skybox not working correctly
  • Route Merge w\ Missing Assets Freezes TANE
  • Product Load dialog does not auto-highlight text field
  • Default plate texture is wrong on BNSF50's crossings and can't be adjusted
  • (Texture replacement fix - fixes a number of similar issues)
  • Build doesn't show any DLC items under Purchase Content
  • Oil Spill alpha not working
  • De/Selecting consist in Map view takes you to world view
  • Loco headlights reveal black box around street lamps in night time scenario
  • All routes are showing as "G Scale"
  • Steam loco sound cuts out at 10mph
  • Driver Commands Lost on Reloaded Saved Session
  • Speed limit UI is removed after coupling using the edit tools in quickdrive
  • "LinkCouplings> vehicle already coupled" when using Train tab to couple
  • Driver exit crash fix
  • Alpha textures not working in Preview window
  • "RampingSound::OpenDatabase> already open" assertion loading save session
  • "TNIGraphicsResourceCache::ForceLoadPendingTextures>  when changing seasons 
  • CTRL+RMB only returns loco properties regardless of rolling stock selected
  • Surveyor Content Search Filter options not saving/loading
  • Roaming camera getting "stuck" outside the map bounds
  • 3D view visibility not being updated in some scenarios.
  • Localisation text word wrapping in various HUDs
  • Editable textbox fields not auto-highlighting 
  • Rolling Stock product queue sometimes fails to render
  • Hills no longer cut off at 500m height differential from the camera
  • Thumbnails now in sync with description in CM
  • Revert some AI changes that resulted in trackmarks being missed
  • Make additional tweaks to improve AI (see below for more details)
  • Fan animations now working after returning to a saved session
  • Optimisations for PFX heavy routes
  • Fix rulers drawing in the wrong position when the render origin changes
  • Fix for rulers not appearing in some situations
  • Fix the missing stars in the skybox
  • Tweak the skybox speed
  • Resolve missing wheels for certain .lm assets
  • Resolve pre-caching running when it isn’t required
  • Possible fix for a random “baseboards set to 0 height” issue
  • Fix potential hang when merging routes
  • Fix to world origin height and reset issue
  • Set Path Rule now starts child rules
  • Possible fix for light pool issues
  • Minor shadow improvements
  • Various FBX exporter updates
  • Various mini-map texture improvements
  • Fix crash in Preview Asset when seasonal asset not configured
  • Updates to patcher
  • Various legacy script updates to support streaming
  • Fixes to VR locos not puffing smoke
  • Several isolated crash fixes
  • TNI integration