TRS19 Platinum Edition Announced

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The latest addition to the Trainz franchise has arrived with the release of TRS19 Platinum Edition.

Not only does TRS19 Platinum deliver more features and more content, it also delivers the best value for money.

With a list price for all the content of $279, you can now access TRS19 SP1, plus even more features and a trainload of extra content for the same price as the original TRS19 release - $69.99. 

If you already own TRS19 and/or any of the extra DLC content included, we've awarded you a discount code which you can find in MyTrainz > MyDiscount Codes. Check out our FAQ Page for more details.

For those on a tight budget, we've also dropped the price of the TRS19 Regional by 25% and TRS19 Full Edition by 30%. 

Or to access even more benefits, including store discounts, an ongoing FCT and access to every DLC item, check out our range of Trainz Membership options.

Version Comparison

TRS19 Owner Discount

Every TRS19 owner has been issued a unique discount code. And if you already own some of the Platinum DLC items, you get an even bigger discount. Click here to find out how big your discount code is.


What is TRS19 Platinum Edition?


TRS19 Platinum is a stand-alone version of Trainz. As you can see from the product comparison above, it has all the TRS19 content plus new features and a huge range of additional content.

You can access this version of Trainz by purchasing it from the store, or becoming a Trainz Plus or Gold Class member.

For full details visit our TRS19 homepage, or the Trainz Store.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about discounts, features, content lists, installation and much more?

If you've still got questions about TRS19 in general or TRS19 Platinum Edition then check out our FAQ page here.

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