For existing customers with build 79000 or lower, we recommend you upgrade to TANE SP3 by installing the full version available for download from your MyTrainz.com account. You can then import your content from your existing build into the new build if you wish.

Patching up to TANE Service Pack 3 (SP3)

If you wish to patch your current installation, please choose from the options below.

Online Patching (Retail Versions)

Online Patching (Retail Versions)

To update to the latest version, simply start Trainz, ensure that online mode is enabled (if available), and the patch available prompt should appear automatically. The patch to SP3 is a small download (under 100MB) and takes a few minutes.

If the prompt does not appear, from the launcher, click Trainz Settings > Install > Change Stream and ensure that Public Stream is enabled.

On PC, if you still are not able to patch, we recommend that you run the Patch Installer.exe from your install folder, and if that fails, then download the file from the link below.

On Mac, to find your installer, right click and "Show package contents" then Contents > Resources to find your Patch Installer.app.


Download Online Patcher Files 

Download a small application which will then download and install the full patch applicable to your existing build of TANE. In general, use the Online Patcher unless you require patching on a machine not connected to the Internet.

This Online Patch Installer will patch from any supported retail build to the latest version. This includes patching from DRM-Free retail versions.


  • Download the Patch Installer application
  • Double click to launch the Patch Installer
  • Change your target if required
  • Enter your MyTrainz Username and Password
  • Choose the Public Stream
  • When available, click Apply Patch to commence patching
  • See the Troubleshooter Guide for further assistance


Offline Patching (Retail Versions)

Offline Patching (Retail Versions)

This option is useful if you would like to download the full patch and copy it to another computer.

Select your OFFLINE Patch Installer from the Supported Versions in the table below:
From Build # To Build # Build Type Download Link MD5 Hash
90945 94916 Online Download MD5: 47be0811a66ed52e18b155b9aa4a27d0
90946 95078 Online Download MD5: 60971f3e4080007b38581839408eb7f9
90948 94808 Product Key Standard Download MD5: cdae08c21429a37d6563cd91615993ad
90955 94829 Product Key Deluxe Download MD5: 94e353495c35e36d9f23028ddb9cc4bb


Updating Deluxe Routes and DLC

Patching your existing version of TANE will update the core game and builtin routes only. Any DLC items, including Deluxe Routes, will show up in your in-game download if they require updating. You can use the Download All option or download items individually.



Still Confused? Not sure which build to patch to? Please check our Troubleshooting Guide