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The #1 Ranked "Trainz Simulator" iPad app has now been customized for iPhone. Trainz Driver really delivers the goods!

Trainz Driver for AndroidIt's time to pack more horsepower in your pocket and take Trainz Driver with you everywhere you go. With a new user interface, controls, and a mix of realistic routes and arcade style sessions, there is something for everyone with Trainz Driver.

Trainz Driver for iPhone iPad iPodTrainz Driver puts you in the cab of a variety of locomotives from around the world. Choose from the "Easy Mode" speed controls, or the more advanced "Realistic Mode" control system. With multiple camera modes you can fly alongside your favourite train, admire the view from the cab, or watch from trackside all while you interact with industries and passenger stations, picking up and dropping off freight wagons, people, and more!

Expand your experience: You can also create your own Routes and Sessions in Trainz Simulator for iPad (available for separate purchase on the App Store) and then share them with Trainz Driver users through the Download Station. Hundreds of user-created routes are already available, free to download.


Trainz Simulator on PC has sold over 1 Million units
and has more than 500,000 registered members on the Trainz website.
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Trainz Simulator on iPad is the world's most realistic train driving simulator
and powerful world builder at your finger tips.
Reached #1 Ranked iPad App in 17 Countries!
Including: UK, Ireland, Poland in April 2011; USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand in July 2011

#1 Ranked iPad Simulation Game in 55 countries!
Ranked in the top 100 iPad Games in 9 of 19 months in USA.
Ranked in the top 100 iPad Games in 17 of 19 months in Australia (Top 10 on 3 occasions) 
Consistently ranking in the Top 20 Simulators in the UK for over 18 months.
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Trainz Driver, with the tagline "Power in your Pocket" merges together the incredible power of trains with the power of modern day smart phones - and provides astounding results.

For nearly 200 years, people of all ages have been fascinated by trains. Whether it is their immense presence, the deep rumbling noise, the romance of steam or the nation-building history, it is hard to pin-point this fascination. It is difficult not to be mesmerized watching car after car go past while sitting at a level crossing or standing on a platform. From Thomas the Tank to model railroads, almost every boy has played with trains at some time in the past. It was with this background that the Trainz franchise was invented.

Way back in 2001, the very first version of Trainz ran on a PC with PII 400 MHz Desktop PC with 128MB RAM weighing in at 12Kg (plus another 12Kg for the 640 x 480 resolution CRT monitor). The latest version, Trainz Driver, will run in the palm of your hand on a 140g iPhone 4S with a dual core 1GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM! This amazing escalation in technology allows an incredibly rich experience you can carry around with you in your pocket.

Trainz Driver has been specifically customized for smart phone screen with a new mobile user-friendly interface and additional on-screen visual aids like navigation points. With a broader demographic in mind, Trainz Driver offers both game-based "Arcade" sessions as well as more realistic "Simulation" sessions. Users will discover fully fledged 3D environments where trains and railroads are the main attraction. 

With over 1 Million units sold for PC and with over 500,000 registered users on the Trainz website, the Trainz franchise has been a world leader in the train simulation market for many years. In 2011, the iPad was released has since reached #1 Ranked iPad app in 17 countries and #1 Simulation Game in 55 Countries. 18 months later, it regularly sits in the Top 10 Simulation Games around the world. Everything points to the newest version of Trainz setting new sales records.

Given the smaller screen, Trainz Driver does not include the famously easy to use Surveyor world building tools. However, owners of the Trainz Simulator app for iPad can still create and share free content with Trainz Driver users through the Download Station. Additional content will be released over time for free download or as in-app purchases.