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Product Information

Your journey as a Train Driver begins today in this realistic train simulator! Take charge of a wide range of powerful locos, hauling thousands of tonnes of freight, shunting in the yard or shuttling passengers along suburban lines. Explore amazingly detailed and interactive routes from around the world from a variety of camera angles. Fun for ages 5 to 95!

Collect the full series of Train Driver "Journeys" and travel the world in charge of heavy freight, modern high speed passenger or old time steam locos. Each "Journey" is a stand-alone app or you can purchase many of the same Routes and Sessions via in-app purchase from our "Trainz Driver 2" and "Trainz Simulator 2" apps which also provide the amazing World Builder module to create your own tracks.

Sessions included in this Train Driver Journey:

  • Take Control
  • Changing Direction
  • Watch your Speed
  • Signals Ahead
  • Working in the Yard
  • Shunting and Switching
  • Inside the Cab
  • Time to Brake
  • Heavy Load

This Spanish route captures the flavor of the Spanish landscape around Madrid offering high-speed passenger trains and a wide range of passenger/freight activities utilizing different rolling stock.

Sessions included in this Train Driver Journey:

  • AvE Express
  • Freightliner Part 1
  • Freightliner Part 2
  • Passenger Service
  • Free Drive

This Australian route features a 35km stretch of mostly single track from Waldabavale to Karrah Bay along the Halley River. Most sessions include voice narration and a variety of locos from across Australia. 

Sessions included in this Train Driver Journey:

  • The Lost Train QR2100
  • Test Run HST
  • Split Shift SRA Class 44
  • Late Afternoon Passenger Run
  • Industrial Estates
  • Night Service - V/Line S
  • Free Drive

This Journey takes you back to the 1940's and 50's when steam ruled the railroads! You start out with some introductory sessions to teach you how to handle the complex tasks of keeping your fire hot, water and coal levels maintained and avoiding wheelslip. You then move onto the famous Union Pacific BigBoy. The largest ever "4-8-8-4" steam loco consisted of a four-wheel leading truck for stability entering curves, two sets of eight driving wheels and a four-wheel trailing truck to support the large firebox. We have saved the best Steam locomotive for last. We are very excited to have this ultra high detailed train on mobile. Please welcome "The Blue Comet" in all its glory!

Sessions included in this Train Driver Journey:

  • Steam - Basic Movement
  • Steam - Cutoff Control
  • Steam - Resource Management
  • The Blue Comet
  • The Repair and Rescue
  • Free Drive

This industrial shortline runs alongside Maple Creek and serves a variety of lineside industries. It is early autumn and the hills are ablaze with a riot of colour.

Sessions included in this Train Driver Journey:

  • Tidewater Express
  • Harbour Master
  • General Industry
  • Tidewater Lumber
  • Free Drive

This North American themed route was inspired by the long-time Trainz favorite "Highland Valley" originally created by Chuck "CeeBee" Barkman. With a variety of passenger stations and interactive industries HVI offers lots of action without needing to drive long distances. 

Sessions included in this Train Driver Journey:

  • Canadian National GP 38 Mountain Run
  • Up the Mountains! (Part 1) - CP9
  • Up the Mountains! (Part 2) - CP9
  • Wood Supply
  • And off to work we go
  • Free Drive

Rosworth Vale is set in the North of England, crossing the fells to Scotland. The line was built in 1870 by the LNWR. Today it sees lots of traffic as a diversionary route, through the lumber industry, tourism and rail excursions. 

Sessions included in this Train Driver Journey:

  • Coal Transporter
  • HST to London
  • Morning Passenger
  • Rosworth Goods Run
  • Free Drive