Product Information

Turbo Trainz® is a fast paced train race which gets your heart thumping and your arms pumping!

Become the train with the Wii’s unique control system. Cleverly crafted to advance your experience, the unique control system has you chugging like a train! Move your arms in a churning motion (back and forth) to turn up the heat and watch your train zoom past your opponents at 'turbo' speed.

Take up the challenge and race against the best drivers from around the world to compete for the Turbo Cup! Your opponents are cunning and will stop at nothing to win. Watch they don’t fire a missile up your caboose, make you lose control with an oil spill or bully you off the rails with many other special tactics. You can fight back with many of your own abilities to even up the race!

If your opponents don’t get you then the environments will test your limits. With broken tracks, earthquakes, crazy mazes and pesky animals, just to name a few. You’re in for a rough time!

For fun with family and friends you can challenge each other in 4 player multi-play on the 1 Wii console to see who will rule the rails!