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Have you got questions about Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019? You've come to the right place.

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019


Q. What is Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 (TRS19)?

A. TRS19 is the latest version in the Trainz franchise and is a stand-alone successor to Trainz: A New Era for both PC and Mac.
  • It is built upon the same base game engine and code but with significant new graphical and game features and tools added.
  • It includes all the traditional Trainz modules (Driver, Surveyor, Content Manager) and introduces "My Collection" to quickly view your rolling stock in 3D
  • It introduces new graphical features such as “PBR” (physically-based rendering) and “parallax” heightmaps (2D textures that look 3D) and includes an overhaul of the Driver User Interface.
  • It is available either from the Trainz Store for purchase, or as part of our new “Gold Class Membership” package.

Q. When will TRS19 be released?

A. TRS19 is now available from the Trainz Store. It will be available from the Steam store as soon as it passes the Steam review process. It will come to the Mac Appstore in early 2019.

Q. What are the hardware specifications for TRS19?

A. TRS19 will run on any machine that runs Trainz A New Era. Certain features require higher specification hardware.

Operating System: Windows 7 64-Bit
Processor: Intel i5 3GHz 64Bit Processor
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: 1GB VRam with DirectX 11 Support
Disk Space: 50GB Free Space
General: Win 8 and Win 10 also supported.
Requires an internet connection for online services.

Operating System: MacOS X 10.12
Processor: Intel i5 2Ghz
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: Radeon Pro 555 or better with 1GB VRAM supporting OpenGL 3.3
Disk Space: 50GB Free Space
General: Requires an internet connection for online services.
TurfFX Not supported

Note for Mac Users: TurfFX is a feature that provides animated ground covers and currently works only on PC systems in DirectX mode. Your version will therefore operate the same as the PC version with "TurfFX disabled".  

Q. Will my computer be able run TRS19?

A. Check your computer hardware specifications against the specs above and/or see our Performance Configurator page and run the benchmark test to see where your system fits.

If your computer can run Trainz A new Era, then it can run TRS19.


Q. Is TRS19 backwards compatible with older Trainz content?

A. Yes. TRS19 will run the vast majority of older content. All Trainz A New Era routes and DLC will be available for download in-game (you cannot manually import built-in or DLC items from TANE).


Q. What does it cost?

A. The Trainz Store price for TRS19 is USD$69.99 which includes a 30 Day First Class Ticket.

Alternatively, you can join Gold Class membership for $14.99 per month and get all the additional benefits offered for members including additional content, new features and store discounts.


Q. Is there a discount for existing Trainz owners?

A. No, although there is a discount on memberships for Gold and Silver Class member with an active FCT.

TRS19 has been almost four years in the making and we believe, as the best version of Trainz ever released, offers great value. Your support will ensure Trainz will continue to get better and better into the future.


Q. Can I edit built-in Routes in TRS19?

A. Yes. You can now make edits to any built-in or DLC routes and share those edits with other owners of that content.


Q. Will TRS19 require Internet Access?

A. Yes. TRS19 requires an Internet connection to be authorised to your MyTrainz account and then to access many features. It will operate offline, but requires an Internet connection on a regular basis (every month or so).


Q. Will I be able to get TRS19 on DVD?

A. Yes. TRS19 will ship in a boxed DVD version for PC and on USB for Mac beginning mid-January, 2019.


Q. What languages are supported?

A. Early Access will be English only. For official release we will support the following languages:
  • German
  • French
  • Russian
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Czech
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Polish

Q.Is TRS19 compatible with Raildriver.

A. Please check our link here for installation instructions.


Q. Where do I go for help with TRS19 installation or operation?

A. Please visit the TRS19 Trainz Wiki pages.

TRS2019 Content


Q. What content is included in TRS19

A. The TRS19 Home page provides imformation and links to the wide range of content included in TRS19. The initial install includes the Kickstarter County 2 route, plus a Content Sample route. The additional 5 routes are available for free download in-game.
  • Sebino Lake, Italy + brand new sessions
  • Rocky Mountains, Golden, BC + brand new sessions
  • Edinburgh to Dundee, UK + brand new sessions
  • 1930s Cornish Mainline and Branches - TRS19, UK + brand new sessions
  • Niddertalbahn - TRS19, Germeny + brand new sessions

You can also see the ful list of locos included at this page.

Q. When can I upload 4.6 content to the DLS?

A. Your content can be uploaded the the DLS right now.

Q. Will my TANE Built-in and DLC items work in TRS19?

A. Yes, all your TANE Built-in and DLC content will be made available for downloading in-game once you have installed TRS19.

Note that we do not support importing your DLC content from TANE via Content Manager. Find our more information about importing content here.

Q. Can I import my existing local Trainz content into TRS19?

A. Yes, you can import non-built-in and non-payware items using .cdp or Open for Edit in Content Manager to import from older Trainz versions. Find our more information about importing content here.

Q. Which content has been updated for TRS19?

A. TRS19 includes a range new items and updates to a number of routes and scenery items. The remaining TANE built-in and DLC content is not updated by us, but is compatible with TRS19 and can be updated by end-users. (It also looks a lot better due to the game engine updates).

Silver Class and Gold Class Memberships


Q. What is a Silver Class Membership?

A. Silver Class is a brand new alternative to buying DLC items from the Trainz Store. For a low monthly fee of $9.99, Silver Class provides:
  • Access to your own customised “Content Vault”
  • An ongoing FCT
  • A 10% store discount
  • Exclusive Member-Only deals
Silver Class requires ownership of either TANE or TRS19 (including Steam and Mac App Store versions). You can cancel your membership at any time and access to items in your Content Vault (and other benefits) will end at the expiration of that billing period. If you renew, your Content Vault is immediately accessible again (including your original Starter Pack items and all your Monthly Collection choices).

Q. What is a Gold Class Membership?

A. For just $14.99 per month, Gold Class provides all the benefits of the Silver Class membership, plus a number of extras:
  • Access to Trainz A New Era
  • Access to TRS19 (as long as you remain a member)
  • Exclusive access to ongoing feature updates with “Trainz PLUS”
  • A 25% Trainz Store discount on digital items
  • Exclusive access to our 14 Day DLC “Preview Pass”.
You can cancel your membership at any time and all benefits (including access to TANE and TRS19) will end at the expiration of that billing period. If you renew your membership, your Content Vault is immediately accessible again (including your original Starter Pack items and all your Monthly Collection choices), and you have immediate access to TANE and TRS19. Read more about Gold Class Memberships here.

Q. How does membership affect products I already own?

A. Memberships do not affect your existing items such as ownership of TANE, DLC items or First Class Tickets. If you purchase items with your Membership discount, then you own them even if you cancel your membership.

Q. Is there a discount for people with an active FCT?

A. Yes. When joining Silver Class or Gold Class, all owners of an active FCT as at August 23, 2018 receive a discount of $2 per full month remaining on their FCT. e.g. If you have an annual FCT that expires December 2, you have 3 full months remaining, so you get a $2 discount for Sept, Oct, Nov.
  • To qualify for your discount, you must apply the discount code found in MyTrainz > My Discount Codes when joining.
  • You must join before Sept 23, 2018 to use your discount code.
  • Owners of a Lifetime FCT get a lifetime discount of $2 per month
  • Using your discount does not affect your existing FCT in any way (it continues to tick down as normal).

Q. What is the benefit of an Annual Membership?

A. With annual memberships you pay for 10 months upfront, but get 12 months membership. You can still cancel at any time, and your access ends on the 12 month anniversary of when you joined.

Silver Class Free Trial


Q. How do I access the Silver Class Free Trial?

A. Follow these simple steps:
  • Log in to MyTrainz
  • Click on My Memberships
  • Select Silver Class Monthly Membership
  • Click Join Now
  • Enter your payment details
  • Enjoy all the new content that will appear in-game to download.

Q. What happens at the end of my Free Trial?

A. You will be automatically billed each month unless you cancel your membership. You can cancel at any time and your access will end at the expiry of that billing period.

Q. How long will the Silver Class Free Trial be available?

A. This is a limited time offer. It may end at any time.

Q. What are the requirements to access the Silver Class Free Trial?

A. All existing owners of Trainz A New Era and/or Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 who have not previously subscribed to Gold or Silver membership are eligible. Ensure you use the same MyTrainz Username as you use to log in to TANE/TRS19.

Q. Can existing subscribers access the Free Trial?

A. No. The offer is only available to new subscribers, so if you are already a Silver or Gold Class member, and also own TANE or TRS19, you are not eligible for the free trial.

Q. Can I access the Free Trial without a Credit Card or Paypal?

A. No. The Free Trial requires you to provide payment information. However, you will not be charged anything if you choose to cancel prior to the expiration of your free month.

Q. What happens if I cancel during the trial period?

A. Your access to the DLC items you have selected will expire at the end of your trial period (i.e. 30 days after you join). These items will remain installed and will show as "Payware Not active". You will not be charged anything. Note that existing DLC items that you own will remain active after you cancel.

Content Vault


Q. What is the Content Vault?

A. The “Content Vault” is a collection of DLC items that you have access to for as long as you remain a member.
  • Your personalised Content Vault is “pre-loaded” with a “Starter Pack” full of DLC items.
  • Each month you can select up to 5 additional items from our “Monthly Collection”.
  • The Monthly Collection contains a range of existing DLC items and is updated with a new collection on the 1st of each month.
  • Most DLC items will appear in a Monthly Collection 6-12 months after they first go on sale in our Store.
  • All items added to your Vault remain available to use for the duration of your membership.

Q. What items are in the Content Vault Starter Pack?

A. The Starter Pack items may vary over time. The current list is shown on the TRS2019 website and also on the Memberships page (click on Conten.

Q. Which items are added to the Monthly Collection?

A. Each month we put together a list of existing DLC items from all those items available on our store. Items will generally be available on the store for 3-12 months before they are added to one of the Monthly Collections.

Q. How do I make my monthly selection?

A. Simply log in to MyTrainz and click on Memberships > Manage Content Vault. Scroll through the options available and make your selections. Not that once you click Select, your selection cannot be changed, so please choose carefully.

Q. When can I make my Monthly Collection selections?

A. The Monthly Collection runs for a full calendar month (based upon AEST) and you can make your selections on any day in the month. You cannot change your selection once it is made, so please choose carefully.

Q. What happens if I miss selecting any items in a month?

A. You must log-in to MyTrainz during the month to make your selections. If you do not select any items during a month, you will miss out on selecting those DLC items until they next appear in a new Monthly Collection. You do not get any extra selections in the following month.

Q. How long do my monthly Content Vault selections remain active?

A. As long as you are a Member, you have full access to everything you’ve added to your Content Vault. If you cancel and rejoin, your Content Vault is immediately accessible again (including your original Starter Pack items and all your Monthly Collection choices).

Q. What happens to items I already own?

A. There is no change to items you own, including items you purchase from the Trainz Store while a member.


DLC (Downloadable Content)


Q. What is DLC?

A. DLC, or Downloadable Content, is pre-packages content that can be purchased from the Trainz Store or through Silver Class or Gold Class memberships. The content is packaged into one or more parts and appears for download in the Asset Download window in-game.

Q. How do I find my DLC in-game?

A. If you have recently purchased from the Trainz Store or selected DLC for your Content Vault, then follow these steps:
  • Restart Trainz
  • From the Launcher, click File > Download Purchased Items
  • Click Start Trainz
  • The Asset Download window should appear

Q. What is the bandwidth/download size of the DLC packages?

A. Each package differs in size. on average, locos with a single session are 50MB to 200MB. Routes are often 2Gb or more. The download size is displayed in the Asset Download window, so please enusre you are not exceeding any monthly download limits prior to downloading. Remember, you can close the download window and choose to download at a later time if required.

Q. My DLC is installed but shows missing dependencies. What do I do?

A. Firstly, allow 5 minutes for the system to update then restart Trainz. If that does not solve the problem, it is possible that your download is incomplete. Please visit support.trainzportal.com for more assistance.

Trainz PLUS


Q. What is Trainz PLUS?

A. Trainz PLUS is a “TRS19 feature update” which we will be releasing exclusively for our Gold Class members every few months. Every two or three years, these features will be combined into a new “full product” release which will be available in the Trainz Store.

Q. What types of features will be included?

A. We will be focussing on those “really nice to have” features that the Trainz Community have been asking for. These might be graphics features, gameplay features or UI updates. A list of options will be made available to our Gold Class members to encourage feedback and suggestions. For example an upldate may include updates such as:
  • Updates to Environment settings in Driver to allow further session customisation on the fly. (e.g. Fog slider)
  • Add Font Size/Scaling options for CM
  • Provide transparency control for “pbrmetalmasked” materials
  • etc

Q. How will the list of new features be determined?

A. We will be asking our Gold Class members for their feedback, and selecting items that are both beneficial to the most users and achievable in the time frame available.

Preview Pass


Q. Preview Pass

A. The Preview Pass is exclusively available to our Gold Class Members and provides access to new DLC items for 14 days before they become available on the Trainz Store. After the 14 days, members can either choose to purchase the item using their 25% discount, or wait until the item is added to a Monthly Collection. Items are generally added to the Monthly Collection between 6-12 months after store release.

Q. How do I get my Preview Pass items?

A. These items appear automatically in your in-game Asset Download Window when they become available.

Q. What happens after the 14 day period ends?

A. If you have installed the item, it will remain installed and the status will change to "Payware (Not active)" in Content Manager. If you have used the items in any sessions, these will show as Missing Dependencies.

Q. When can I purchase the Preview Pass items?

A. After the 14 day Preview period is over, the item becomes available in the Trainz Store. You can purchase it at this time (using your 25% Discount Code) or you can wait until the item becomes available in the Monthly Collection and select it then to add to your Content Vault.

First Class Ticket Subscription


Q. What is the difference between buying an FCT and subscribing?

A.The FCT subscription option gives you a monthly FCT at the low price of $3.99 per month. You are automatically billed each month and your FCT is automatically activated for you.

Q. Is there a discount for people with an active FCT?

A. Yes. When joining Silver Class or Gold Class, all owners of an active FCT as at August 23, 2018 receive a discount of $2 per full month remaining on their FCT. e.g. If you have an annual FCT that expires December 2, you have 3 full months remaining, so you get a $2 discount for Sept, Oct, Nov.
  • To qualify for your discount, you must apply the discount code found in MyTrainz > My Discount Codes when joining.
  • Choose either the Monthly or Annual discount code
  • Copy the copy onto your clipboard, click Redeem, then choose your membership option and paste the code into the box.
  • You must create a new membership before Sept 23, 2018 in order to use your discount code.
  • Owners of a Lifetime FCT get a lifetime discount of $2 per month (or $24 on an annual membership).

Q. How is my existing FCT affected by a Gold Membership?

A. Your existing FCT will operate exactly as it does now whether you have subscribed or not (or whether you have used your discount code or not). e.g. If you have 7 months left on your current FCT, use your discount for one month, then cancel. You still have 6 months left on your existing FCT.


Q. Can I get a refund for any unused FCTs?

A. If you have an non-activated FCT purchased in the past 12 months, we will apply your purchase price on the Trainz Store as a credit on your MyTrainz Membership account. Please complete this FCT Credit application form and we will process your accountcredit within 7 working days.

Membership Accounts


Q. When am I billed?

A. For monthly customers, if you join on the 25th of the month, you will be billed again on the 25th of next month (unless you cancel before your anniversary date). If you choose the annual option, and you join on the 25th of August, you will be billed again on the 25th of August next year.

Q. Are there any refunds?

A. No. If you cancel, you have access for the remainder of the period you have paid for.

Q.What happens if my Credit Card is declined?

A. Your credit card is charged automatically each month. If a payment is declined, we will advise you via email and retry your card automatically 3 times. If it is still declined, your membership will be cancelled and access will end immediately. If cancelled, you can update your card and re-activate your membership to regain access.

Q. What happens if I cancel my membership

A. If you cancel, you continue to have access to everything you were previously entitled to until your membership period expires. At that time, Gold Class members will get a "Not authorised" message when trying to log in.If you own TANE or TRS19, after your membership expires, when you next log in to Trainz your Content Vault items will show as “Not Active”.


Q. Can I upgrade or change my membership?

A. Yes, simply log-in to MyTrainz > My Memberships to upgrade, downgrade, or change billing cycles at any time. When upgrading, a pro-rata invoice is created so that you only pay the difference between your current and new option. When downgrading, the plan change occurs at the end of your billing cycle.

TRS2019 Early Access


Q. What is TRS19 Early Access?

A. Early Access was a fully featured pre-release version of TRS19. This option is no longer available as the full product is now available.


Q. How do I upgrade from Early Access to official release?

A. Your Early Access build will automatically offer an update prompt upon official release (currently expected Q4, 2018). There is no extrra charge for the official release version (although Gold Class members require an active membership in order to maintain access).


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