Instant Route and Session Editing

By Tony_Hilliam, May 10 2019

Switching from Driver Mode to Edit/Surveyor Mode will soon be as simple as a mouse click. The first stage of this new feature will be ready for testing in the coming weeks, and then the whole concept of route and session building will change forever.

Edit > Drive > Edit > Drive 

Historically Trainz has offered a module where you create routes and sessions (Surveyor) and a separate module where you could drive and operate your railroad (Driver). We're now making it possible to jump back and forth between the two modes, with the user interface changing to provide the different functionality required.

If you're already a route or session builder, then the advantages are obvious. Driving along, "oh there's a tree on the track", better sort that out...switch, fix, switch, continue. Signal missing? No problem. Industry not configured to output enough lumber? Fixed!

We're also very excited about opening up the powerful editing tools to those who haven't ventured far out of the Driver mode (yet). 

Living Railroad

We believe that with the ease of editing and tweaking your operating sessions, "routes" will no longer be seen as static environments and sessions simply as "starting points". Instead your "living railroad" will be saved in a state ready to resume operations right from where you left off.

Of course because this is quite a conceptual and functional leap, we also expect the initial implementation to highlight some areas to expand upon with additional features.

The first step is to get Phase One into your hands, and then gather feedback on the highest priorities going forward.

We'd love to hear your thoughts and questions at this forum thread.