Gold Class members - “Trainz PLUS” update

By Tony_Hilliam, February 06 2019

The new Gold Class membership option includes a range of different benefits, including early access to upcoming Trainz features. This article explains more about the brand new "Trainz PLUS" feature, and how these new features will be rolled out to our Gold Class members and then become available in future editions of Trainz to all users.

What is Trainz PLUS?

Trainz PLUS is a free update that is available only to our Gold Class members. We plan to release these updates every quarter, with a range of new features, as well as some "in-development" features that can be enabled and tested out by members. Then, every two or three years, these features will be combined into a new “full product” release which will be available in online stores (along with all new content that takes advantage of these features).

The exact number and scope of the individual features included will depend on the amount of work required to develop, test and polish each aspect. As you will see below, there is currently a long list of potential enhancements for Trainz. Some systems are small while others are major updates that will take months or even years to implement.

Trainz PLUS - Q1 2019 Release

We've nearly completed the first of the new features to be introduced, and already begun work on some of the larger tasks to ensure that those "big" features can be delivered as soon as possible. But that also means that this first Trainz PLUS update will include a few smaller updates, along with a number of incomplete "in-development" features. We're still internally testing each of these new systems and will be announcing the features that we will be including in the coming weeks, along with the current development status of each of those features.

We've highlighted some of the currently in-development features in the list below. Not all these will be included in Q1 and, when released, a number of them will certainly only be a preliminary "Beta" implementation. Users will also have the option to enable or disable these Beta features individually.

Potential Features List

Note that this list is not exhaustive, and should not be construed as the feature list of Trainz 20xx. It is designed to show you the list of things that are being considered or being worked on, and no doubt a number of these will make it into future versions of Trainz while others will miss out.

Below this list is a link to submit your favourite feature to have it considered for inclusion in a future Trainz product.

  • User Interface
    • Unified Driver / Surveyor**
    • Improved Camera Controls*
    • Surveyor Menubar*
    • Surveyor UI Rework
    • Mini-map 
    • Hotkeys / Controls
  • Tools
    • Multiplayer Surveyor (Collaborative route building)**
    • Bulk Replace Tools
    • Effect Layer Tools
    • Multiple Tracks / Catenary
    • Track Condition Tools
    • New tools (e.g. lasso)
    • Multi-select tool
    • Procedural building creation
    • Procedural terrain + scenery
    • Ground Data Import (basic implementation)*
    • Disable tools option
  • Environmental Effects
    • Environment Dialog and Controls
    • Saving & Sharing Settings
    • Rain Effects
    • Altitude-based Fog Density
    • Skybox
    • Snow lines
    • Seasonal support (revamped)
    • Dynamic weather
    • Darkened Tunnels
    • Water systems
  • Visual/Reality Enhancements
    • Derailments (PhysX)
    • Train Motion 
    • Updated Carz
    • Additional Procedural Tracks
    • Dual Gauge Track support
    • Smoke Effects
    • Animation systems
      • Fully Animated Humanoids
      • Passenger loading/unloading
      • Freight loading/unloading
      • Pantographs
  • Train Physics
    • Steam locomotive support in Test Track
    • Additional braking systems including:
      • Vacuum brakes
      • EP brakes
      • Twin pipe air (brake distributor)
    • Additional power physics simulation:
      • Diesel mechanical transmission
      • Diesel Hydraulic transmission
      • AC electric sound
      • Diesel Fuel consumption
      • Oil fired steam fuel consumption
      • Non-notched throttles
    • Additional steam support:
      • Smoke relates to power output/throttle settings
      • Dual valve injectors
      • Blowdown/dampers etc
    • Wheelslip
    • Start-up / shutdown
    • Fuel Consumption
    • Handbrakes
    • Driver AI physics
  • Gameplay Enhancements
    • Driver AI overhaul
    • Timetables
    • Passenger comfort
    • Prototypical Car Movement System
    • Controller role
  • Sound Engine
    • Locomotive Sounds Rework
    • Scenery sounds
    • Track sounds
  • Content
    • Better / more user customisation options
    • Content Ratings System
    • Automated Content Performance Ratings
  • Content Manager
    • Picklists
    • User Interface improvements
  • Content Creator Support Systems
    • In-game logging system*
    • Content Foundry (CCP)**
    • Trainz Package Uploader**
    • Fully automated DLC content submissions
    • Documentation / Tutorials
    • Additional Creation Tools
  • Timeline Editor (gameplay-integrated cinematics)
  • Asset Download Systems (managing in-game downloads)
  • Controllers
    • Console Controller Input (Windows)**
    • VR Headset Support (Windows) - Basic system*
    • VR Gameplay support (new game systems enhanced for VR)
  • Trainz Native Interface (allows 3rd party tools)
    • Physics Support
    • Sound Support
    • Surveyor Tools**
  • Game Engine Updates (major systems)
    • Point Lights
    • Deferred Rendering
    • Single-pass Ground Rendering (overhangs etc)
    • Texture Atlasing
    • Metal (MacOS)
    • Vulkan
    • DX12
    • Linux support
    • Other Performance Enhancements
  • Ongoing Bug Fixing

* Expected to be complete
** Feature in-development and potentially some time until released for external testing

Something important missing from the list?

The list above has been compiled from a variety of sources, and many items are summarised under some fairly broad topics (e.g. we could list 100 additional surveyor tools).

We also know that there are many great ideas out there, and we're keen to give everyone an opportunity to have their say about additional items that may make it onto this list.

Simply add your Feature Request here.

Want to discuss the list?

We'd love to hear your feedback on what is (and what isn't) on the list. Obviously some of the one liners above don't clearly explain the full extent of a feature, but hopefully there will be sufficient information to determine whether each item is of interest to you or not.

Here's the thread to let us know your thoughts on the Potential Features List.