Trainz Plus Update 1 Now Available

By Tony_Hilliam, May 09 2019

Trainz Plus is a quarterly update for our Gold Class Members delivering new features and a range of improvements and optimisations. The first of these updates is now available by selecting the Trainz Plus patch stream from the TRS19 Launcher. 

With more options, more control over the cameras, and new transitions from one location to another, your Trainz experience is going to feel smoother. 

Walk camera lets you stroll down the tracks with the camera at eye height, and holding shift will speed up your camera.

Fly camera lets you fly anywhere around the world and just move your mouse to change elevation or direction.

Drone camera is similar to fly but lets you hover in a single location or attach to and follow a train. You can use PgUp and PgDn to change elevation.

Car cam lets you follow any of the Carz on the roads (but no internal view...yet ;), and you can smoothly change between certain camera modes by zooming in or out.

Positioning your viewpoint for the perfect screenshot is easier than ever before, and getting into just the right position during a coupling operation is now a breeze.

Since this is the first Trainz Plus update, we've prepared a set of Frequently Asked Questions to hopefully provide all the answers you'll need to know about Trainz Plus.

What is Trainz Plus?

Trainz Plus is a quarterly update provided to our Gold Class members and includes a range of new features, fixes and updates as well as sneak peeks at upcoming features we're working on.

Most of the Trainz Plus features will find their way into future versions of Trainz.

Please note that these updates are not replacing "Service Packs" and we will still be releasing free updates for Trainz A New Era and TRS19 owners as required.

What is new in this Trainz Plus update?

Our first Trainz Plus update includes :

  • A range of new camera options for both Driver and Surveyor
  • New unified menubar in Surveyor
  • New Session Logging window
  • A number of bugfixes and polish items

How do I get access to Trainz Plus?

If you are a Gold Class member, then just select the "Trainz Plus" update stream and patch as you normally would.

To change your patch stream:

  • Click Trainz Settings
  • Install Tab
  • Change Trainz Update Stream
  • Follow the prompts and click "Change Stream"
  • Select "Trainz Plus" from the list, then OK and Done.
  • Now click on Check for Trainz Updates to patch.

When will non-members get access to these features?

Bug fixes (and some polish items) made for Trainz Plus will be released as part of a future Service Pack for TRS19.

Most of the Trainz Plus features will then find their way into future versions of Trainz. (Others may be replaced/removed/updated).

Historically there has been a gap of two to three years between major Trainz releases.

Where can I find out more about the new features?

Our Trainz Wiki Help Pages have been updated with information on the new systems:

What happens if I update to Trainz Plus and then cancel my Gold Class membership?

If you have not purchased TRS19, then you will lose access to TRS19 and any Trainz Plus updates.

If you have purchased TRS19 from the Trainz Store (or Steam), then you will need to install your TRS19 version (and of course lose access to any Trainz Plus updates).

You can then point your new install at your old local data folder to keep all your content intact.

Can I update to Trainz Plus from any Trainz version?

The Trainz Plus update includes patches from a range of TRS19 builds.

This includes the latest Trainz Plus beta, the original TRS19 release and the recent TRS19 Regional release.

Note that some patches are larger than others due to differences in the status of some built-in content.