TANE SP2 vs. Trainz “Next”

By Tony_Hilliam, January 25 2018

We've been saying for some time that the next version of Trainz will be quite an upgrade over TANE SP2. With the new PBR materials, and new ground cover systems such as TurfFX and Clutter, your scenery and lighting is going to be noticably better. 

Click on the image above, then use the slider to compare back and forth between the current and next Trainz versions. I think you'll agree, the lighting and scenery detail will be a major leap forward for the upcoming Trainz version!

And it's worth noting that this scene is not yet utilizing the full power of PBR materials to further increase the realism levels, with many components of the scene coming directly from TANE. 

While we're showing off progress over the years, with the recent re-appearance of Chuck "Ceebee" Barkman on the Trainz forums (Chuck was the original creator of the "Highland Valley" route that Kickstarter County was based upon - Hi Chuck!), we've thrown in a comparison of the original Highland Valley route below.

Of course the lake was enlarged somewhat for TANE, so we couldn't get a direct comparison image, but you'll notice how bare and low resolution things were 15 years ago.

For anyone wondering why we need to keep updating Trainz and making improvements to all our systems, I think these comparisons go a long way to explaining why it must be done :)