Installing Trainz A New Era

This article provides a step by step guide to installing TANE SP2 using our DVD installer (applicable for Box Edition disks ordered June 2017 or later).




1: If you have SP1 installed already, your need to choose a NEW LOCATION to install SP2. 
This install will not update your SP1 edition but create a stand alone SP2 install.
You can have two different versions installed if you wish.

2: This installation will require 20GB free disk space on your C: Drive.

3. Your hardware must meet our minimum requirements to run Trainz A New Era. Please check or copy and paste this link into your browser:


Step 1. 
Insert Disc 1 into your DVD drive

Step 2.
Double-click Installer.exe to begin the installation process. 
The Welcome to the Installer screen will appear.
Click Next to continue

Step 3.
The License Agreement window will appear. Read the license.
Click Agree to continue

Step 4.
The default install location of C:\Program Files\N3V Games\Trainz A New Era will be shown. 
If you wish to install into this location, click Next, otherwise select your preferred install location, then click Next. 

NOTE: If this folder already exists, your installer will show a warning. If you really do wish to overwrite the version of Trainz that exists in this folder, then click Yes.
Otherwise click Cancel and select a new location to install TANE SP2.

Step 5.
Once you have selected the location and clicked Next, a window will show "This process will install TANE SP2"
Click Install to continue.

Step 6.
Windows may now show a security warning:
"Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device?"
Click Yes to continue

Step 7.
You will now seeing a message "Reading Configuration" then "Copying payload data"
This step begins copying the data from Disc 1 to your C: drive. 
Please be patient while the large amount of data is copied to your harddrive (2-5 minutes)
Once it has copied the 4GB file, you will be prompted to "Insert disk 2".

Step 8.
When prompted to insert Disc 2, navigate to your DVD Drive  
e.g. DVD RW Drive (G:)
Select your DVD Drive, then select the patch-2.bin file and "patch-2.bin" will show in the "file name" text box.
Click Open to continue.

Step 9.
The Installer will then continue copying the remaining files from Disk 2 to your harddrive.
Once again,  please be patient while the large amount of data is copied to your harddrive (2-5 minutes)
The Installer will then show "Installing" and finally "Install Complete".
(If not, please check Troubleshooting below)

Step 10.
Choose "Launch Trainz A New Era" now and click Exit
Your install is complete and the TANE SP2 Launcher will automatically start. 


Step 1.
Once the Launcher appears, click Start Trainz to bring up the Trainz Product Key entry window.
NOTE: If the Product Key entry window does not appear, click Trainz Settings > Install tab.
Enter the Product Key found inside the cover of your box into the box then click the + icon to add the Product key.

Step 2.
If you wish to use your version of Trainz online (e.g. to use the Download Station, DLC items, Multiplayer etc)
then click the Internet Tab and check the "Enable Online Features" option.
Then enter your MyTrainz/Planet Auran username and password.
Then close all windows and restart the Launcher for the change to take effect.

Step 3.

Cick Start Trainz and wait for the engine startup to complete (this can take several minutes).
Your installation and startup are now complete.
(If the "Starting Trainz" window remains for more than 15 minutes, see the Troubleshooting section below)


If you want to register your version of Trainz to your MyTrainz account, follow these steps

Step 1.
Log in to (Planet Auran).

Step 2.
Select Serial Number in the left hand column.

Step 3. 
Enter your Product Key, then click Submit.


If your issue is not listed here, please visit:

1. "Path not viable: Filepath already exists"
This error indicates you are trying to install TANE SP2 into a folder that already contains an installation. Please create a new folder for this installation of TANE.

2. "Patch Failed: failed to copy source data to: "
Ensure that you inserted Disc 2 and selected the correct file (patch-2.bin) then clicked Next to continue copying data off the install disks. 

3. "Unable to create installation data temp folder" (result -10)
This error is due to a windows permissions issue. The solution is to manually create a new Folder as follows:

Open Windows Explorer
Navigate to C:\Program Files
Click New Folder (provide administrator permission when prompted)
Type in the name of the folder as "N3V Games" (i.e your new folder path will look like C:\Program Files\N3V Games)
Now run the Installer.exe again

4. Invalid Product Key error. 
Ensure that you have the correct key for your installation version. The first 4 letters indicate which version is required.

TNPS = Standard edition
TNPD = Deluxe edition

5. "Starting Trainz" window remains for more than 15 minutes:
It is likely that your hardware does not meet the minimum requirements for Trainz. 
Please copy and paste this link into your browser: