Gold Class Members - Update

By Tony_Hilliam, April 12 2019

Special News for Gold Class Members

This article will explain in a little more detail our upcoming plans for Trainz Plus Q1 and Q2, and starts off with a nice surprise for all our Gold Class members...

Trainz Plus - Q1 Update

As most of you know, we had planned to release our first Trainz Plus update to Gold Class Members for Q1 2019. Well, given it's already Q2, we've got some good news and some not-so-good news for you all...

Because this is our first Trainz Plus update, and because we're a little late in making the public version available, we've decided to reward all our Gold Class members for their patience and provide everyone a free month!

That's $15 in your pocket as a goodwill gesture from N3V while we put the finishing touches to the update.

The not-so-good news is that there we're not quite ready to release the update yet, but we are currently aiming for a release next week. (Furthermore we'll be allowing more time for external testing for future updates).

You won't need to do anything to earn your free month - all renewing monthly members will be billed $0.00 on their next billing date, and annual members, your expiry date will simply be moved a month further ahead.

What's coming next?

The Trainz Plus Q1 update is primarily about a whole range of new camera controls that are shared between Driver and Surveyor. There's also a new MenuBar in Surveyor which brings more uniformity between the current Driver and Surveyor modules. 

You can read more about the features in the Trainz Wiki.

This standardisation of the look and feel between "modules" is going to be greatly expanded in the Trainz Plus Q2 update, with the introduction of our brand new "Unified Driver/Surveyor" (UDS) feature. 

In short, with UDS, the concept of Driver and Surveyor will be replaced by "Drive Mode" and "Edit Mode" where you can switch between the two modes without skipping a beat. 

UDS Phase 1 Implementation

For our Trainz Plus Q2 release, we'll be implementing "Phase 1" of the new UDS feature. The core functionality (described briefly below) will be present, and the feature will be stable and "customer-ready" (so you're going to love using it from the get-go).

The key thing about getting it out to you nice and early, is it will then give you an opportunity to send us your feedback on the system while we still have time to make changes and improve the next phases of the full implementation.

The easiest way to describe how this feature will work is to take you through a very brief scenario:

  • Start by choosing your favourite route, and creating a session
  • Place some trains, and perhaps issue some orders in Driver Setup
  • Select the new "Drive" option, which will replace the "Quickdrive" option (or hit Ctrl-F2)
  • The familiar "Driver" UI will appear and you can carry out your usual driving/operations tasks
  • You get to an industry and realise you need a different type of car (wagon) that isn't on the route
  • You select the new "Edit" option (or hit Ctrl-F2)
  • Your Driver HUDs hide, and the Surveyor Tools immediately appear
  • You place a car where you need it (perhaps on an adjacent track so you can still simulate picking it up)
  • Hit Ctrl-F2 to switch back, and carry on driving
  • Note that the game doesn't pause while you switch modes (but you can choose to pause in Drive mode before switching over)
  • Now you get to the industry and realise you haven't set the production queues correctly
  • Switch back, fix up the queues, commodities, rename your car, adjust a couple of junctions etc
  • When you're finished, click Save and your session is saved exactly as it is at the time, ready to pick up again tomorrow

There are many more different scenarios that could be played out, and many questions will arise as the system is put through its paces (like how to handle gamplay mode/progression, resetting rules, various states etc)

Future updates to this system (i.e. at some time post Q2) will include features like "snapshots" so that you can begin a session from any of the saved points.

We're really looking forward to working closely with you and hearing your feedback. We'll then be able to plan additional features for Phase 2 and beyond, and continue to improve the functionality over time.