Trainz Regional Edition - FAQs

By Tony_Hilliam, April 27 2019


Q. What are Regional Editions?

A. The regional Editions receive the same "Base Installation" as for the full version of Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019, plus two regional content packs.

Base Installation:

  • TRS19 fully functional core installation
  • Kickstarter County + 10 tutorials + 4 sessions
  • 25+ locos ( includes Rocky Mountaineer trainset)
  • 100+ rolling stock items
  • 3000+ other scenery items

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 - North American Edition

TRS19 "Base Installation" 

+ Canadian Rocky Mountains Golden, BC + Sessions

+ JR Content Pack

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 - UK Edition

TRS19 “Base Installation" 

+ Cornish Mainline and Branches + Sessions

+ Edinburgh-Dundee + Sessions

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2019 - European Edition

TRS19 "Base Installation" 

+ Niddertalbahn, Germany + Sessions

+ Sebino Lake, Italy + Sessions

Q. What is "World Edition"?

A. To help differentiate between versions, we also now call the original/full version of TRS19 "World Edition". It is not a new version of Trainz, just a new name.

Q. Why is there a patch for existing users?

A.  This update changes the status of a number of payware items back to their correct "built-in" status. Also, due to changes for the Regional Editions, there is some content no longer included in the base TRS19 install. That content is now included in the North American add-on pack, and is available free to download and install for owners of the full version.

Q. How big is the patch?

A. Due to some changes in the content packaging, the patch is ~1.2GB. You will then need to download the Jointed Rail Content Pack (SC498) in-game to re-install the additional JR content.

Q. What is SC498?

A. Steam users will see a package "SC498" available to download after updating. This is he Jointed Rail Content Pack which includes a range of TRS19 locos and rolling stock.

Q. Do I have to patch my existing TRS19 version? (build 98592 or 98569)

A. There is no requirement to update, however we recommend that you do apply this patch so that you can access any future updates and Service Packs.

Q. Will all my TANE DLC work with Regional Editions?

A. Each Regional Edition is the same "base" version of TRS19 as for the full version, so yes, all your DLC will work fine. If you moving from TANE, all the builtin routes will also be available to download and install.
DO NOT try to import TANE builtin or payware manually as it will install but will show errors (missing textures). (More help here).

Q. Can I buy just the TRS19 “Base Install” version without any Regional Edition content?

A. No. Providing this option would not reward our content creators who are a vital part of the Trainz experience. By purchasing a Regional Edition you will be supporting both N3V Games and our wonderful content creators.

Q. Is there an upgrade option to the full version if I purchase a Regional Edition?

A. No, but you can purchase each of the Regional Packs

Q. Where do I find my Regional Edition Installer?

A. Your installer is found in MyTrainz and is called "TRS19" (since everyone gets the same base version of TRS19).

Once the TRS19 base is installed, Regional Editions are prompted in-game to download and install their 2 x Regional DLC packages (in many parts) while the full edition gets all 6 packages.

Q. When is the Boxed product available?

A. We have sent off the master disk for replication and expect shipping to commence May 15. Shipping then takes 1-3 weeks to most countries.

Q. What is "Shipping only"?

A. This store item allows users who have ordered any of the TRS19 digital versions to order a box version for the price of postage and handling.

Australian orders are USD$7.99 - $12.99
International orders are USD$11.99 - $14.99