Automated Content Submissions Coming Soon

By Tony_Hilliam, August 23 2019

Everyone who loves Trainz also loves having loads of top quality content to enjoy.

Our new automated system for Content Creators is very nearly ready for external testing, so if you'd like to find out more, simply ensure you're registered at the Trainz Content Creators Portal.

Automated Submissions

As the infographic shows, there are a few simple steps to follow to turn your Trainz creation into a product ready for the Trainz Store (plus other online stores like Steam, Mac App Store etc).

Once live, the system will let you submit your content (that means route, sessions, locos, rolling stock, or even asset packs) which gets built into a "package" automatically.

You can then test this yourself, then allocate to a group of beta testers who can give you feedback on your creation using our online Beta Test tools.

Armed with their feedback you can then update and improve your content, fix any bugs, resubmit and retest as often as you like.

This iterative, automated process, will ensure the best quality possible.

Once you and your testers are happy with the results, the package can be made ready for release on the Trainz Store and as soon as it goes live, you'll be ready to start making money.


If you have any questions, please write to us at [email protected].