TRS19 Service Pack 2 Released

By Tony_Hilliam, December 18 2020

New Content, New Features, Improved Stability

The latest free update for TRS19 is now available and delivers new content, new features and a range of bug fixes, improvements and optimisations.

Service Pack 2 (SP2) unifies all our TRS19 customers onto the same build number with cross-compatibility for content, routes and sessions including multiplayer.

SP2 also updates the file format to Trainzbuild 4.7 and therefore assets created or saved in SP2 are not compatible with earlier Trainz builds.

Which Trainz is for you?

The various features that are enabled in each build are based upon which resources are issued to your MyTrainz account.

Resources vary based upon which version of Trainz you purchased or which membership you currently have, and this summary outlines the key differences between each of the options.

  • TRS19 Regional Edition has three options - NA Edition, EU Edition and UK Edition. They each include the core TRS19 features and a content set specific to the region.
  • TRS19 Standard Edition has the same core features and includes all the content from the 3 Regional Editions.
  • TRS19 Platinum Edition has everything in Standard Edition plus $200+ more DLC content plus new features such as additional controller support, new camera modes and Unified Driver/Surveyor.
  • Trainz Plus membership includes everything in Platinum Edition, provides the latest updates and features such as new Bulk replace tools and Multiplayer Surveyor. Your membership also includes a First Class Ticket, so you’re paying less than $1 a week to access the latest version of Trainz.
  • Silver Class membership provides access to all Trainz Store DLC for one low monthly price. It also includes a First Class Ticket, a 10% Store-wide discount, and a double Reward Pointz bonus. Note that Silver Class does not include any Trainz software (only DLC access) so you need to purchase Trainz from the Trainz store (or Steam store) for this option.
  • Gold Class Membership is the “all you can eat” option. It includes everything in Trainz Plus and Silver memberships plus Preview Pass to check out all DLC two weeks prior to going into the store, a 25% Store-wide discount and triple Reward Pointz bonus.

Here's a link to our Trainz Plus webpage. The latest Trainz Plus update includes a special new content release to celebrate the end of 2020 and highlights some of the features to look forward to in 2021.

What’s included in SP2?

Service Pack 2 delivers a number of updates to improve our support for DLC along with improvements in stability and reliability for systems including saving, undo, layers, routes, sessions, tracks and bridges, digholes and merging routes.

New “Content Store” downloader.

DLC is now easier to find, install, update and uninstall. This version changes over to utilize .tzarc install files. This is a single file that can be installed, updated and uninstalled using the Content Store downloader.*

Trainz Content Creator Program 2.0 systems (TCCP)

WIth out TCCP online systems, Content Creators can now upload content to sell through our store and anyone with TRS19 SP2 can now become a Beta Tester to participate in early stage DLC testing to help content creators make even better content than before.

Multiplayer compatibility

Everyone with the SP2 build AND the same content versions will be able to join MP sessions. Note that if one player has version 10 of a session installed while another player has version 11 installed, they will not be compatible.

Also note that Steam users and Mac users will be compatible with the Trainz Store and Trainz Plus PC versions.

Content Updates

All the built-in routes and sessions have had a variety of fixes implemented.

We’ve also included over 100 new high quality scenery items to use in your route building and compiled a number of these items into a new Main Menu background.

Fixes and Improvements

SP2 includes a long list of bug fixes, crash fixes and optimisations. We would like to thank everyone who submitted bug reports using our online Bug Report Form.

Due to the vast amount of 3rd party content available and the almost infinite combinations assets can be used, it is important for anyone with a reproducible problem to let us know so that we can address your issue (and probably solve the problem for a number of others as well).

For example, one of the more noticeable changes in SP2 is a reliability fix for height affected assets (e.g. tunnel abutments or bridges). Some items that could "sometimes" load at an unexpected height (e.g if attached to a bridge, tunnel or fixed track or near a dighole) will now consistently load at the "set" height. If your route or session had saved the objects at the "adjusted height" (wrong height) and previously relied on the bug to appear correctly, you will need to repair and resave the route.

Recent changes in Functionality

Driver/Surveyor menu now shows your owned content by default to ensure users see all their available content. It also remembers your filter settings during a session.

Quickdrive is found in Standard + Regional Editions and provides access to the Train tab to place trains.

All other builds replace this option with “Create Session” where you get access to the Trainz tab and all other editing tools, plus the Session Rules dialog where you can set up more complex rules and commands.

Platinum and Trainz Plus builds also provide Unified Driver Surveyor, you can switch from editing to driving at any time.

How to Update to SP2

Your current build can be updated to the latest version by ensuring you have selected the correct patch stream which matches your build. If uncertain check this link for more information on various builds