TANE Service Pack 2 Released

By Tony_Hilliam, June 16 2017

After more than 6 months of development and many thousands of hours of beta testing, we're very happy to announce that Trainz A New Era Service Pack 2 has arrived. We are confident that we are delivering our most reliable and stable version of Trainz ever.

Once again our heartfelt thanks goes out to all our beta testers who took on the task of using "in-development" software to identify and report issues throughout the testing period. We understand the frustration and gnashing of teeth when things didn't go right, and the joy experienced once problems were solved. 

Delivering SP2 means that we've now created a far more robust platform upon which to expand Trainz for years to come. And we simply could not have got to this point without all the external testers using all types of 3rd party content and custom-built routes to ensure the vast majority of issues could be addressed. 

While over 1,000 individual fixes and updates have been completed, we are sure that with well over 500,000 3rd party items available around the world, there will be some items that are not behaving as expected. If you do have an issue then please provide us a report using our Bug Reporting Tool.

What is Service Pack 2?

In the ever-developing world of Trainz there are many acronyms for various different releases. Here is a short sumary of the key terms you need to know:

  • Trainz A New Era (TANE or T:ANE) - the original release version in May 2015
  • Trainz A New Era SP1 (Service Pack 1) - a major update to TANE released in January 2016

  • Trainz A New Era SP1 HF4 (Service Pack 1 - HotFix 4) - Hotfix 4 was the 4th and final update to SP1, released in October 2016

  • Trainz A New Era SP2 (Service Pack 2) - the latest TANE update released June 20, 2017

This SP2 update brings us to trainzbuild 4.5. Each trainzbuild relates to a specific file format and set of features. Content validation changes with each trainzbuild to enable new features to be exposed to content creators, which leads to new content being delivered for end users. 

We will be updating the Trainz Download Station to support trainzbuild 4.5 over the coming days. Meanwhile, content creators can either hold off on new submissions or submit using TANE SP1.

When will my SP2 build be ready?

The team are busy preparing and testing each of the various releases for Trainz. The following list will be updated as more information comes to hand:

  • SimulatorCentral (Standard and Deluxe) - PC - Digital Download.
    Online and Offline Patch from build 84204 > 88364 - RELEASED
  • SimulatorCentral (Standard and Deluxe) - PC - Digital Download
    Online Installer - 88364 - RELEASED

  • SimulatorCentral (Standard and Deluxe) - Mac - Digital Download.
    Patch from build 84219 > 88395 - RELEASED

  • SimulatorCentral (Standard) - PC - Physical DRM-Free.
    Offline Patch from build 84352 > 88343 - RELEASED

  • SimulatorCentral (Deluxe) - PC - Physical DRM-Free.
    Offline Patch from build 84356 > 88348 - RELEASED

  • SimulatorCentral (Deluxe) - PC - Physical DVD
    Build 88364 - Expected to begin shipping July 7

  • SimulatorCentral (Deluxe) - Mac - Physical USB
    Build 88342 - Expected to begin shipping July 7

  • Steam (Standard and Deluxe) - PC
    Build 84473 > 88368 - RELEASED

  • Steam (Standard and Deluxe) - Mac
    Build 84449 > ? expected on or before June 20

  • Mac Appstore (Standard and Deluxe) - Mac
    Build 84615 > 88404 expected on or before June 30

Trainz Model Railroad DLC Routes - Now Available

With the release of SP2, TANE owners can now purchase each of the seven TMR routes either individually or as a bundle.

TMR17 owners who also own TANE can, of course, download these routes into TANE free. The majority of TMR17 owners already have these items allocated and we will allocate the remainder in the next day or so.


Looking for help with patching, installing, running Trainz SP2? Click on this link.