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TRS19 Service Pack 2 Released
December 18 2020

SP2 delivers new features, new content, improved stability and a range of bug fixes and optimisations. Find out more...

Trainz “MPS” Buildathon
November 13 2020

To celebrate the official release of the latest Trainz Plus update, we're running a new online event - the first ever Trainz "Buildathon".

Enjoy Trainz Online
November 06 2020

Collaborate with your Trainz friends online. Build, drive and operate your railroad together. Explore a whole new world of Trainz.

Two Updates and a New Release
December 19 2019

Today has been a mammoth undertaking and the entire N3V team are very happy to announce all the new ways to enjoy Trainz from today.

Massive Membership Update
September 04 2019

More choice, more features, more content, lower prices. What else could you ask for with our massive membership update?

Automated Content Submissions Coming Soon
August 23 2019

Our new automated content submission process will enable more content to be processed more quickly, and invite external feedback direct to the content creator.

Announcing Trainz Reward Pointz
August 09 2019

MyTrainz Membership just got a whole lot more exciting with the introduction of Trainz Reward Pointz program. Earn Pointz in a variety of ways and redeem them for store discounts.

August 2019 Content Vault
July 30 2019

Check out this month's list of 20 x DLC items available. Which 5 items will you choose?

Get More Free Stuff!
July 05 2019

Everyone loves a freebie, so why not expand your Trainz experience with this fantastic free stuff now available on the Trainz Download Station.
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